Thoughtful Interruptions (PDF)

Irregularities which disrupt repetition and provoke introspection can be found in modern Korean architecture.
These "thoughtful interruptions" reveal characteristics of traditional Korea and help to create a more unique
brand of Korean modernism.

The Changing Shape of Memory Architecture (PDF)

Memory architecture originally sought to help us recall information with greater efficiency. Today technology is
changing the way we visualize memory and recall data, yet it fails to take into account memory's connection
to our bodies.

Lived Space is Poetic Space (PDF)

Our memories of spatial experiences influrence the way we tailor spaces to suit our tastes. When we project
our desires onto the spaces in which we live we participate in the creation of aesthetic experiences and
poetic spaces.

Wish You Were Clear (PDF)

Phenomenology helps explain how artists transform perception into paintings. The work of philosophers
Henri Bergson, John Dewey and Maurice Merleau-Ponty sheds light on my creative process as well as that of
Paul Cézanne and Gerhard Richter.